About Our Hotel


The Island Beachcomber Hotel is proud to be the very first beachfront hotel in St Thomas. Lorette and Michael Resch opened the Island Beachcomber Hotel as a 12 room efficiency hotel in 1956. The site where the hotel currently sits was once a navy chapel, navy barracks and a miniature golf course. Over the years The Island Beachcomber has enjoyed visits from celebrities such as Vivian Vance(Ethel Mertz from “I love Lucy”), Bert Parks and Cecil B. DeMille . The Hotel most looks forward to the visits from our guests that return year after year and bring their friends and family with them.

The hotel has had several expansions and renovations that make up the current beachfront hotel with 50 rooms, beach bar and garden restaurant.

While the Island Beachcomber Hotel was in its infancy , tourism in the Caribbean region was as well. Lorette Resch has been a major force in the US Virgin Islands and the entire Caribbean region in expanding tourism. Her commitment to training , marketing and service has helped to elevate the hospitality industry in the region. Lorette achieved the highest honor from her peers in 1982 with the award of Caribbean Hotelier of the Year. The Resch Family is proud to welcome you to the Island Beachcomber Hotel and St Thomas.

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